Our Charter Services use one of the world’s safest, most comfortable, and technologically advanced aircraft. Cirrus Aircraft are known for the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System.
Our aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, are meticulously maintained, and our pilots are highly experienced and Cirrus Certified Trained professional Pilots.



Air Charter Service is perfect for all types of flights (emergency, business, personal). Enjoy the efficiency and convenience of flying in a private plane for that important business trip or life event and spend less time in airport TSA lines. Our Air Charter Service can get you there quickly, safely, and without the hassle of a commercial flight.



Experience the luxury and comfort of flying private with our Air Charter Service. Get away to your favorite destination without the long drive. The aircraft is conveniently located just a few steps from the FBO.

Safety First

All Cirrus Aircraft have the Cirrus Airframe Parachute.

Cirrus Vision Jets have the combination of the Cirrus Airframe Parachute and Safe Return emergency autoland.




Avoid time consuming security lines, airline delays, layovers, lost baggage, and other travel disruptions. We can utilize smaller airports and shorter runways, so you'll land closer to your destination.



The Cirrus aircraft engine is incredibly efficient, saving money on operating costs. Our Cirrus Charters offer a cost-effective way to get you to your destination and to improve the quality of time you spend traveling by avoiding many of the headaches and expenses that come with overnight travel.



With complete control of your own itinerary, you will arrive at your destination safely without the drive and ready to take on your next meeting or get away.

Save Time. Fly in a Cirrus.

Analyzing Travel Time: Car vs. Cirrus Flight

Destinations Car Travel Time Cirrus Travel Time
Greenville, SC TO Nashville, TN 6 Hours 1 Hour & 42 Minutes
Greenville, SC TO knoxville, TN 3 Hours & 15 Minutes 50 Minutes
Greenville, SC TO Greensboro, NC 2 Hours & 57 Minutes 1 Hour
Greenville, SC TO Raleigh, NC 4 Hours & 8 Minutes 1 Hour & 30 Minutes
Greenville, SC TO Jacksonville, FL 5 Hours & 29 Minutes 2 Hours
Greenville, SC TO Charleston, SC 5 Hours & 29 Minutes 1 Hour & 10 Minutes

High Time Crew

We select our pilots with meticulous attention to their dedication to safety and customer satisfaction.

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